TELLALI – Let You Go (Interlude)
Genre R&B

Let You Go (Interlude)


When I realized the situation at hand, had to figure out where this plane would land
On this new plane, and pain I now understand
Things shift and end up in the can but it doesn’t mean that is the end
I have to process what happened during time spent

I thought you’d be with me for a time
Thought you would always treat me with respect for heart and mind
But guess I was wrong and you would treat me like I’m blind
As if I wasn’t able to see right through your lies


When I’m all alone, I try to clear my mind
But you’ll be coming back, and you’ll be staying thеre all night
I never did you wrong, I always had your sidе
And you would just get all the way, and make me wanna cry
And when I’m feeling down, I lose all control
Emotions keep coming and I’m trying to let you go
So if you wanna talk to me again
Don’t try to act like we were always friends

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