Teejayx6 – Convo
Genre Rap


Feat. 10kKev

Convo lyrics

You wanna ride the newest whips and rock the latest fashion?
But you don't wanna put the time in to make it happen [Lazy ass nigga
You ain't gon get nowhere in life if you steady trappin [You gon stay broke
Thinking you gon get rich off weed, niggas living backwards
I'm OT with the fiends, all I see is crackers [I'm outta town
One of my fiends stole from me, so I had to smack her [smacked her ass up
Niggas think getting high the only think that matter [til you fucked up
Until you all strung out with the no money after
Cut a nigga body up, put it on a platter
Gotta hold the Glock in my pants, cause it got a ladder [This bitch on me
Gotta be careful with this bitch cause it's loaded [For real
Let off a hunnid in this whip, and I watched that bitch exploded
It ain't winter yet, but I left his body frozen [Left his ass
Punching with a fake credit card, and it's stolen
Told him "be careful" when he shoot, cause he rollin
Gon fuck around and leave everybody in this bitch toasted
Bitch we headed straight to yo show, where you posted? [Yo flyer
Niggas might as well just kill they self cause they hopeless [Just shoot yourself!
She blowing up my line cause I did the bitch bogus
She put the head on me, and she left a nigga soulless
Got 20,000 on me right now, and you ain't notice [20 racks
All of iPhones, I just picked it up from Jonas
I can teach you how to get some money, if you focus
Narcs flashed the lights on, and stashed the beans in the Focus
That ain't no alarm, it's a fiend that just woke us
Said he got a fresh pint of red for the lowest
Nigga tried to bring that bitch to me while it's open
Think he musta thought I was a ham, so I choked him
Who you bank with, I got a proposition [Let's go
We can make 65 overnight if you committed [6500
Drop a check everyday, it's becoming a addiction
The only way I'm stopping is getting hit with a sentence [The only way
I'm running round this bitch with some racks like it's tennis
You can look, but If you touch with the sack, you'll be finished
I've yet to be tested, I'm untouched, not one blemish
You can't not a soul on this earth saying different [Niggas aint gon try me
Methods going for the highs, all of em self invented
Made my IP dynamic, bypass the interference [Untraceable
I never leave a trace, it go smooth as intended
Map it out in my head, it play out how I envisioned
I been a step ahead, that's why I never been to prison
Want a chance to catch me up, so many chances they been given
Ain't shit sugarcoated, I just talk it how I live it
I back up every single word that you hear, and addition [Every word
Grew out of the jug, and had to make a transition
I'm up early with the birds, withdrawing heavy chickens

Get the beans in boatloads, I got nonstop prescriptions
Ain't no cooking going on, you walked into the wrong kitchen [Dope house
Invest some money in the bins, plus my pieces still hitting
Send a nigga to kill everybody with you, plus the witness
[10] Put me side by side with you, ain't no question who the richest
I just sent a bag out, I couldn't do it without Bridgette
[Tee] Every time the meds around
[10] We grab em for the lowest ticket
[Tee] Can't talk too long on this phone
[10] Cause this bitch only got minutes
You gotta talk it out in code
[Tee] Bruh you don't know who might be hearing
[10] What we saying in this code?
[Tee] Can't speak on it, cause it's forbidden
[10] We bout to chop it up right now, I'm bout to slide down on ?
[Tee] I'm bout to throw this phone away, just pull on side of the building

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