Tee Ball – Muze Sikk
Genre Pop

Tee Ball

Big shout out to the whole squad
And the flow like water so you know it’s on
Walk with me
Never go to sleep till the beat made
And I still got masterpieces to create

Smiling from ear to ear
Excelling past peers
Their past years were their best years
How bout a check
Quote me
Need a Trophy wife
Come and stroke me
Low key

She got the knowledge
Prolly went to college
Prolly got some lames and they calling but they ain’t really on shit
She into bosses
Never taking losses
Body so flawless

I’m so high on your energy
Way up there sorta like a canopy
You can leave the lights on and just stare at me
Or we can tear this bitch down like it’s anarchy

Times change
People die
People stay deceased
I told my mama don’t cry
That’s how it’s sposed to be
I stay posted with the squad
We do it majorly
You playing tee ball
We be in the major leagues

I’m getting carried away by your various ways
So I stare
Need to change chairs
Sit a little closer
Come and get ya dosage
Sip that love potion
I’m falling in your ocean

I swear I change styles like these suckuhs change clothes
And I swear it’s all love
Leave you holy with the ghost
Gotta see through the fog
See through the cogs
The system ain’t shit when you spitting like this
I can see the code
Living metaphysical
God is indivisible
Minds over matter
I pull up
Brains scatter
I’m hashtag grinding
They know when I mean when I say that I’m shining

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