Teamonade – Weighed Down
Genre Alternative, Pop

Weighed Down

Feeling weighed down
Down down down down
By my pocket change

Dizzy, drowsy, don’t look down
Not high, prescribed
Taking pills, doctors orders
Don’t skip over don’t get sober

Tell me what you believe in
What makes life worth living
I'm just trying to make it better

Is it a cycle of regret?
Am I just fucked in the head?
Too fucked to get out of bed
Leaving messages on read

I need a job and I’m sorry
I haven’t done shit in weeks
Said my physique is just week
My actions for me they speak

Yes I'm a trope, yes
Nothing but an archеtype
Untie the ropе
Somebody tell me when the time is right
Turn on my soundtrack
The silence makes me nervous
Up my Prozac
Doc said he’s doing me a service

Need to leave
Right now now now now
Living on my own
No evidence of competence
Constantly told I’m unfit

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