Team Clutch – He Make it Clap
Genre Rap

He Make it Clap

Feat. Clutch Mafia

Verse 1KolossalKocks

He make it clap, I dribble his sack
Dick on my mind, nothin' realer than that
I'm stealin' yo' dude like I set up a trap
And I'm givin' him crown, ain't no chill with the cap
Wieldin' his shaft, and no it ain't wrapped
We bootyhole chasin', we run to his lap
No competition, my splooge mixed with crap
If his shit little, we bust out the strap
Dick spit like a Draco, nut fly like an Uzi
I'm strokin' with talent, I'm makin' him lose it
Sheets gettin' jizzy, my dick gettin' shitty
I nut in his ass, so his anus producin'
Cheeks get to clappin', I know how to use it
The gayest to do it, no way to confuse it
These niggas be lyin' when they say they about it
But doubt they can take all control of the booty
We takе a blue pill, fuck poppin' a perc
He archin' his back, put his hеad in the dirt
I'm juicin' his wood, that penis I like it
You know what it's like gettin' nut on yo' shirt?
My booty keeps shakin', don't trust when I twerk
I keep it movin' 'til shit start to squirt
Standing ovation, my booty meat clappin'
A homo attack when I stack on the verse
Just know I'm the greatest to do it, yo' man is my target
If he in my mentions, my penis enlargin'
I run to his dick, I feel like an athlete
I might need Nike to send me a garment
Feel on yo' man, then I slip him a pill
His booty meat dyin' when I get a feel
I'm doin' a drill, I giggle when I'm on his pickle
I'm turning his kids to a meal
Kill-Kill it, no Bill, I'm on a hunt
Can't catch me outside, this is not Dr. Phil
I'm-I'm in his tummy, my dick get to plungin' his butt
And I'm turnin' his guts like a wheel
Treat it like Cosby, I bite it like Ozzy
My nigga, I snack on his head like a meal
The way I be catchin' these niggas, I swear y'all some rookies
I'm stackin' up sacks on the field

Verse 2Direlm

I'm in his ass, I make it clap from the back
Like the shit was a round of applause
That's just a fact, take my hand, grip on his sack
And I'm drainin' out all of his sauce, huh
Yeah, we gonna fuck with no breaks
We gon' fuck without takin' a pause, huh
Uh, like Overwatch
I'm 'bout to take that nigga's whole hog [Hahaha
Yeah, we don't like ladies, no ladies
We only fuckin' with the males [Dick
I like the dick if it's girthy [Yeah
'Cause every other one pales [Yeah
I can swab his poop deck
Like I'm hoistin' up the sails [Gimme dat anus, lil nigga
I'ma shove it in raw dog [Uh
Make a virgin nigga wail [Ooh]

Verse 3Semen Demon

Got a dick in my rear
Moby huge, cower in fear
Dick-Dick is a scythe, ass gonna be sheared
Booty lounge, tickle my pubes with my peers
Got a dick in my peripheral
Corner in my eye, it's a sight to see [Huh?
Dick is so long in my ass, he be liftin' me [Huh?
Seduce a straight nigga, juicy lip, now he just kissin' me [Uh
Gay butt sex
Give 'em neck, booty sweat
Intense head, given by me
R Kelly type beat 'cause my kinks full of pee [Uh, ayy
Dr-Drizzlin' splooge right on top of my body
Nut sprayin', Super Soaker, cum shot shotty
Michael Jackson tip toein' inside of my cheeks
I'm poppin' and sloppin' and reapin' the cheeks
Like the reaper Bukkake
Yeah the whole street know me 'cause of Bukkake's [Uh
Center of attention, my mouth is the jerker
Body is the sperm collection, give my man erections [Yuh
I-I-I don't wear no clothes
I see my bros in my eyes they my hoes
Whip 'em like it's bondage, pay no booty homage
Slut to the cock, leave his butt on Death Row, uh
Wait, let me stop now
I thought the beat was sex, wonder why my penis hot now [Hot
Yeah, inflamed like it's AIDS
Down low with my straights, but I be fuckin' with the gays [Yuh
[Yuh] Crop top, put 'em up, booty musty
On South Beach
Knowin' damn well that my booty wreak, leave the pain in cheeks
Slay down in the cheeks [Uh], goin' raw every week [Yuh, yuh]

Verse 4Abu The Chimp God

I been on vacation [Cation
With Lil Nas X and his man Satan [Ha
Speadin' booty like it's double spacin' [Spacin'
Went to hell and back, sorry for the fans waitin'
Yeah, I'm 'bout to have to do it for the one time [One time
Twin swords lookin' somethin' like chopsticks [Yeah
Flip them over, eat that ass like a wonton
Beat it up like his booty was in a moshpit
Yuh, this what I do
Don't want a man in my bed, I want two
If I could pick, I'd be ran through
Swimmin' in kiddie pools filled up with splooge, ew
No goggles with my eyes wide open [Open
Yeah, I keep an eye on yo' kids
No lube, fuckin' 'til that ass smokin'
I think you just fractured my ribs
Whoa, speed it up, speed it up
I'm a different nigga when I'm liquored up
Hella sus, look at us
You know think it's hella bitches twerkin'
The way that you got us screamin' "Fuck it up"
But it's sus, dick in butt
Goddamn, crash course on sodomy
Don't dick it deep enough, don't lie to me
Matter fact, tell yo' man I want that mud butt
On my tongue but, nigga only when you ridin' me
Yeah [Fantom], he say he like to roleplay [Roleplay
So I tell him "Let's go" [Let's go, ayo
Had him thinkin' he the best, since I told him I'm a man
From the Middle East, and he a goat
Then I ate that ass like YoPlay [YoPlay
Got my dick on swole [On swole
Now I need to take a breath 'cause I'll show how
I can fit the whole team through the back door
Whoa, whoa

Verse 5Blk Mask

Bitch I'll get to uppin' the Glock
Then if a nigga pull it up, then I'll start suckin' his cock
He tried to tell me to stop, but I don't give a fuck
He put my face on the floor and started takin' my butt
I said "Please don't nut, go inside in raw"
He put that dick in my mouth, and it's breakin' my jaw
I told you niggas I'm savage, I want a grown man to have it
So catch me bouncin' on his dick, baby call me a rabbit
Bitch call me the GOAT, semen clogged in my throat
I know the nigga won't last with a dick in my ass
Nigga give me that semen that leave my bootyhole creamin'
So hot I think that it's steamin', he got me kickin' and screamin'
I love takin' the pipe until my bootyhole white
I'm shittin' all on the dick, he takin' off like a flight
Played my ass like a Dreamcast, boy [Dreamcast
He put that dick on my face like a ski mask, ha

Verse 6$ir $keet

Pull down his khakis
Slide up into his ass cheeks [Uhh
Hit that shit like baseball
Call me an athlete
He be suckin' and suckin' and suckin'
Until he's got ashed knees
That dude lookin' hella thick
Turn him to a slam piece
Fuckin' dudes is my mission
Suckin' dick 'til they finish [Yeah
Make him scream like a chicken
Big dicks I'm lickin'
Big dicks I be workin' [Uhh
In my face he be twerkin'
In my face he be jerkin'
We get wild like a circus [Uhh
Got the camera, 'bout to press record
Fuck my ass 'til my ass is sore
He gon' ride my dick like a Ford
Dudes call me the cum lord
I be fuckin' and fuckin' and fuckin'
I be suckin' and suckin' and suckin'
I be duckin' and duckin' and duckin'
Whenever I see a girl comin'

Verse 7DigBarGayRaps

I'm grabbin' the dick and I shlop it
I twist it and pull it and slap it just like it's a Bop It
I hit from the back, he said "Daddy please stop it"
But if I stop now, then there's no one to finish
So I just keep hittin', not lettin' his semen replenish
Met him on a beach and I think it was Venice
I played with his balls, you would think it was tennis
His dick had me cryin', my cheeks, he up in it
Cum shootin' outta two dicks, that's akimbo
Told him to get butt naked and go do the limbo
Chew on his dick like a gummy, but this is not Flintstones
I don't like takin' no dick if he ain't gon' do shit with the nuts
His penis my king, so I named the dick Tut
And it's makin' me scream when that thing in my butt
Train time, got the team in my guts
I just be fuckin' on Martin Luther King
He told me that he had a dream 'bout these nuts
I just love takin' that peen, I'm a slut
He do not have any manners
'Cause he be damagin' the fuck out my butt
And he gotta work for planters
'Cause he never fail to start makin' me nut [Whoa]

Verse 8Fat Bub

Eat that ass like it is Thanksgiving
Jerkin' that penis 'til it starts jizzin'
Booty tight, yeah I let it slip in
Big dick, eat it up, tastes just like spinach
Swingin' my penis around in a circle
Suckin' that dick 'til it turns purple
Puttin' my cock inside of a squirrel
Fuck me so good 'til my toes start to curl
He gon' do me down in the kitchen
Grabbin' his booty while we kissin'
Walkin' down the hall, big penis swingin'
He got a bar? That's where I'm sittin'
You know I'ma give my homies a kiss
He's layin' right down, then I'ma do a dance flip
Then he's grippin' and grabbin' on my hips
Then I gently kissed him on the lips
[Fantom] He let me slap his booty tonight
You know I'm in bed with seven guys
He ride on my dick just like a bike
Then he gently grips all on my thighs
I suck off a dude
Then after I go and pluck his pubes
I blow on a big dick like a flute
Look at all the big black guys chillin' in my room

Verse 9Vuugi P

He make it clap
Bitch I'm a fag, puttin' dick in my mouth, ooh, yeah
He make it clap
Baby daddy come and beat from the back
Bust in my mouth, lemme taste that
He gonna put his penis in my back
When I walk in the club, bitch I'm with the fags
I'm blowin' his cock and his dick in my ass
He makin' it clap, his dad had a heart attack
We walk in the room and he stickin' his dick in my back
He pull out his tongue and he stickin' my crack
I suck on his sack and he nut on my back
I fuck with that boy and he makin' it clap, clap
He make it clap, clap, clap
He make it clap, clap, clap
[Let's go] He make it clap, clap, clap
Let's go clap

Verse 10NotXxXayne

I'm finna spit on this beat like this peen in my mouth
Let it leak out my butt, gettin' cream on the couch
When he fuckin' me slow, got me screamin' so loud
Then I shit on his meat, doo doo green like the Grouch
He fuck me so good, let it roll down my back
And my booty so fat, eat it out like a Mac
Blow it out so his back gon' get split like a Kat
Make it cookie flavored when I cum on his back
I'm suckin' his peen, so the nigga gon' run up
And eat out my ass like a muhfuckin' cupcake [Ahhh
Twenty to fifteen, the minimum inches
So penis will go deep all up in my prostate
If we butt naked and take off our clothes
Best believe we are homo, and no we are not straight
But he make it clap
Soulja Boy, that nigga is on that straight shit
Makin' niggas suckin' penis on gay shit
Ass is so thick, held it down like a rapist
Cum down yo' throat, and I'll leave nigga tasteless
I don't like females, they booty be fake, I don't know if it's real
Simulate like the Matrix
Females be mad 'cause they don't got a nigga
That rip out they booty [I want that dick] and get it on tape, bitch
Give that shit a lick, huh
I feed him kids [Kids
I'ma nut up on his lip
What? AHH
Lick up on the dick, and that shit start leakin'
All up on my face is that motherfuckin' semen
I'm not an angel, I'm a mothafuckin' demon
Shout out to Demonte, nigga always suckin' penis, yeah

Verse 11Morgan the Male Horse

He wants to tickle my balls like a clit
My thick dick grows, and he said it can't fit
I stretched his hole and I told him to sit
He starts to bleed while he plays with my tits
My booty so thick, it's makin' him float
I'm a female with a cock that nigga strokes
Tempur-Pedic bed so the semen soaks
His name is Big Jeff, but he's an OG Loc
He goes to sleep as a red man
Fill him with cum, he's a pink man
Can I eat your ass? I said "Yes you can"
I'm a tranny in a gay man's land
Ass so tight, we don't even care
Got him tongue kissing my underwear
Take my burger buns, he goes ham
Don't call me bro nigga, it's ma'am
[Fantom] His dick is Clark and my ass Lois Lane
Cock doesn't fit, I don't mind the pain
Hit the prostate, I go Super Saiyan
Takes off my wig and he starts role playin' [Ayy
Cum's in my throat like it's his sock
His dick in my ass is hard as a rock
Whipped his wife's ass 'cause she refused to knock
Stop thinkin' 'bout her, you know she's a thot
These ain't titties, they're semen sacks
When he explodes, he falls on his back
I turn him over, my penis attacks
I fuck him hard until he a- acks
Every time I fart, I blow a kiss with the lube
Anus like a pussy with a little bit of poo
Put a strap on, double penetrate
Fillin' my booty up like a Debbie cake
No blue waffle, got a blue October
Sink it deep when he's bent over
He makes my cock go supernova
Gentle when drunk and rough when sober
Yes, was a man, but please don't be mean
You know it felt good when I'm makin' you scream
I was gettin' hungry, so I swallowed his cream
I know I'm good, I'm the tranny queen
Condoms, that's a no no
Booty buff like Jojo
Stick it in my asshole
Swallow his kids like a chomo
These real females stay home naggin'
I'm out here getting fucked by dragons
Took a scaly cock, their tails start waggin'
Ass leaks cum when I strut, I'm braggin'

Verse 12Nigpro

Some niggas say that it's boring
But I like to watch the cum dry, I call that Frosted Flakes
Feel like Tony the Tiger 'cause I had to earn
All my stripes, every one's a new cock that I take
I be treatin' the cock like a steak, put that meat on my plate
Now I'm makin' a penis filet
I'm the chef of the shafts, nigga I do not play
The way I cook up cocks is gourmet
Yeah my nigga, today I'ma serve you a tray
Of the aforementioned dick filet
With a side of splooge-splattered boo-tay
That I just had to literally take
From a nigga I raped, man I chopped it off after our date
If you ain't got no penis or balls
Nigga you what I hate, heart is full of content for the straight
Man my views on the heteros are through my iron sights
Makin' my opps dissipate
Back to the meal that I made, nigga I'm a gay cannibal
Hunting cute niggas down like I'm an animal
Predatory, my precision's mechanical
If they a straight or a queer, it don't matter though
So long that it's male meat
I will harvest and cook it right up
Saw a twink and I took his tight butt
He was lookin' nice but
He became my delight and I took all his sight
Man I turn niggas blind, in their eyes I erupt
Now I'm about to get fuckin' angry, nigga [Yeah!
I smoke crack with my ballsack
That shit got me goin' crazy, nigga
I'm jackin' off cocks with my ass 'til they splooge in my eyes
Make my vision go hazy, nigga
Just pull down my pants and rape me, nigga
We spreadin' AIDS, not dating, nigga
I'ma fuck Pooh from the back
Then I suck all the poo out his ass
And my splooge, it loopin' in him so fuckin' fast
That it's makin' his booty prolapse on the grass
I don't mean to be crass, but sometimes I fuck niggas
So hard that they muhfuckin' pass
And I am not talkin' 'bout gas
I'm dumpin' these niggas in the trash
I come back three days later then I motherfuckin' smash
My erection, it forever lasts
Box a nigga's prostate like an Everlast
My strokes so complex, got him running mental laps
Their minds spinnin' in circles, and then I bash
Their head open with a rock,now this nigga is finally deceased
Man I fucked him too hard in his crease [Gah
Nigpro Records, nigga
I be takin' the cheeks like my name is motherfuckin' Fleece
I'm gay, nigga

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