Tea – Flying blind

Flying blind

I'm gonna kill myself one day, I'm sure
I'll be gone and you'll be there still
I've been standing at the edge for far too long; it's time that I jump
Or pull me down 'cause either way I'll be gone
And I'm so sorry for the things that I have said
I know it hurts to have to follow
But I've been standing at the bottom of a bottle
With bones made out of glass since I could walk
And I'm still sorry for what I've done

I'm gonna live to tell the tale, I think
I've stared into the mirror for an hour, I don't hate myself no more
And I am sorry for the words that have offеnded you
And caused an ounce of tеrror in your stomach
I swear, I swear I'm always getting better
Never worse, if only that were true if only that were true
I can see it in your eyes, it's like a diamond in disguise
It's like a pilot lost his eyes and now he's truly flying blind

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