Tayyib Ali – Never Change
Genre Rap

Never Change

Uh, state of mind
Through this long road
They said I'd never change

First Verse:
And how the story go, you notice that I never change
After the grind, better days let's celebrate
Saying my name insane when I rep the state
I just promise to keep it quiet like I meditate
But since the 2nd grade, I been doing hella things
Living the dream, hopefully one day elevate
Know I'm the best, this hard grind taking a long time
I'm almost there, finally all mine
What I'm 'posed to do?
When everyone ended up over you and fakers is clonin' you
Some people say they love me some people tell me the opposite
They knockin', they will knock it and hate it because they watchin' him
The life I live

You hit the sky
And you feel like you can fly
And your watch got rocks in it, nothin can surprise you
No more standing in rain looking for better days
Just promise that you'll never change
Just promise that you'll never change [x2
Cause some things just ain't the same
Just promise me you'll never change

Second Verse:
Never change but some things ain't the same
That's what happens when you workin' hard and customize the lane
Damn it's like I gave my life for it
And stayed up every night for it
Homies to the left side come and see how right it is
Philly lifestyle with Miami reservations
Finna live the life yea that's Californication
The people who was rollin' with you faded think you famous
Well not yet
So I suggest you quit the hatin
And never change


Third Verse:
It's the feeling I was getting
14, mind on a million
Thinking when I drop how I'm gon kill 'em
Stuck at the beginning, I ain't too far from the end
Though I pretend, no imaginary ballin
It's my desire, so I take it if you let me
Bring the fire to ice, little Wayne Gretzky
So hit the rewind button, it's something
And hear the voice of a youngin' who came from nothin

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