Taylor Swift – Pretty Sure
Genre Pop

Pretty Sure

[Ooo oo ooo]x2

Verse 1

You know how
I always wanted to go out
With you
I wished we could be forever
But no-uh
You had another girl whatever, I don't care
I never cared
'cause you never treated me with respect
You'd argue with me over nothing
Change the subject when I asked
Who you love but now I know
And you kept her hidden
You were into her instead
You told me you never were into mе
Never evеr
And I


Am pretty sure she ain't nothin' like me
And I'm pretty sure you think I'm crying about it
But you dont know I'll have such a good time
With my girls and my boys at the party
I'm pretty sure she knows all about me
I'm pretty sure she knows you cheated on her
And me and my friends are going places
Places we didn't even know existed

Ooo oo ooo
[Places we didn't even know existed
Ooo oo ooo

Verse 2

You know how I always hated how you
Compared me to other girls
How you wanted me to look like them
"Get a makeover", you used to say like I needed it
Real bad, really bad of you
And you
Told me how you hated her, you
Called her the worst person, ever
But wasn't she the girl you run away with
Now I, know-oh
Why did you lie to me?
Why did you go out with me?
If you werent over her

And I



There was a time
I used to think you were the one for me
You called me babe, you called me the prettiest thing you've ever seen
And now you just linger around telling people
How you wished there was someone else
Cause I was just not enough
Yeah, all my friends never even liked you anyway
And now that you're gone we're all so happy and oh, by the way!

[And oh, by the way!]


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