TAPZ – Another Mare
Genre Rap

Another Mare

-- Nexgen --
Standing on the tower looking down at Manehattan
At the pinnacle of power, for what I'm about to make happen
I'm the well-known vigilante anti-hero savior
Enemies can't see me, I'm nearly out favor
Their behavior shall be punished under moon of Luna's name
Save the day, nay to fame, it's my game to play insane
With the take away, came to stay
If I fade today, then that's okay
Slay in waves, undermine
Crush the villlains and plunder crime
My sign is distress, in the voice of shattered screams
It's the noise of scattered dreams, after me relentlessly
I stand at the front of riot shields, while I ignore the cries of steel
Eyes of teal, why appeal, to me no need to try and feel
I'm mysterious, however, at the same time renown
Furious and bitter on my famed crime throne
Like a seapone, trapped, can you catch my innuendo
Should be known I'm daring you to tap upon the window

-- Rhyme Flow --
Who did you think you were linking to in this, Pinkies Brew? and think it through, when I bring this - so - menacing thing to you
And no, I ain't penning these pretty flows as the thing to do
Lyrics are the blood in my veins so I'm bleeding to improve

Dual identities, while i'm dueling my enemies
And doing what I can to be friendly for every entity
Intensity I sense - essentially it's what I'm mentally
I'm not the rapper this fandom wants, I'm what was meant to be

I'll check your cockiness, show you up in the populace
While you're stroking your ego, I'm blowing the lid up off of this
The prophet of the street while you're profiting off the weak
And it's obvious that you're novice, while i'm polished upon the peak

And honestly, you'd do great, if you would just stop to think
Better just to talk with your actions then to possibly speak
Your actions dare to sell, better than ne'er do wells
Taps and Flowny with Nex, combined we are the Mare-do-Well

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