tana – Made It
Genre Rap

Made It

Made It lyrics


Jay! You gettin' crazy!
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah


The henny, she sip out the bottle
Bad lil’ thick, she a model
I told her that, “I don't drink”, she said bring her Moscato
I'm still gon’ get fly though, I'm still gon' get right though
My mama told me that, “We used to be broke”, and I told her “It's alright though”
I done made it mama, now we rich
I had to scratch his name off the list
Look at my VVS diamonds, they gliss
I-I am not scared to walk down with my glick
Foreign died, I was really pissed
I was stuntin', now I'm buying us fits
Wish I could give my grandmama a kiss
Now look at us mama, we made it, we lit


Givenchy, Balenci, and Fendi my fitted

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