Talmbout Freestyle – Lil L.A. Marz
Genre Rap

Talmbout Freestyle

Lil L.A. Marz - Talmbout Freestyle

[L.A. who the fuck?
[Pshh, pih, beep
[Mmm-mmm-mmm, yeah
[Ouu, aye, yeah, what, what] [1300 shit
[Quaxar, you turnt up!] [what
[What is you tambout?] [Ouu, aye
[What is you tambout?] [bitch ass nigga!, yeah
[What is you tambout?]

I’m not Playboi Carti but I’d make the scene, Whole Lotta Red [Pshh, pih
Whole Lotta Red, yeah, Whole Lotta Red [beep] [Ouu, aye, yeah, what, what] [Quaxar, you turnt up!
Pull up with a gat, shoot at yo back, at yo head [Ouu, aye, yeah
Yes at yo dome, you gon’ end up dead
Fuck what you talmbout, aye [Pshh, pih
Fuck what you talmbout
I fucked at yo momma house [beep] [Ouu, aye, yeah
You just get tortured like a slaughterhouse
And it was at her daughter house [what, what, ayе
She wanted to give hеr father clout [yeah
You know you not gon’ none, yeah [yeh!
Gliss up on my neck, can’t barely get up, yeah [Ouu!
Whole constellation, Big Dipper, yeah
2 Way Invasion like Galaga we in here, yeah [tu, tu, tu!
Left yo ass up on the ground like it’s some litter, yeah [What the fuck, lil bitch?
Can’t fuck with a bitch with a OnlyFans
That only means you only banned
No, you not gon' touch the bands
Don’t expect for you to understand
I don’t want yo friends to even come over
I don’t give a fuck if I don’t know her
Fuck a resume, you built like a folder
[Yeah I said it, bitch
Walk in, walk in, like I’m Lil Keed wit it
Move, I said move like a gangsta like Nudy
Talkin', talkin', I hear lil squeaks in it [what is you talmbout, what is you talmbout
I think there’s a mouse up in the house wantin' blue cheese [what is you talmbout, what is you talmbout
There it go! Get that nigga!
Imma get em Tom style [yeah
Burner hot, we set that nigga up like a bonfire [bah, bah!
Tom and Jerry shit, but let you know, I’m not a pussy nigga
Squeakin' ass, and those type gon' be cooked, you a rookie nigga
I’m a moonwalker, but not up in the Calabasas [pshhh, yeah, pih
You a smooth talker, but those type niggas never lastin' [beep] [Ouu, aye, yeah, what, what
Take you down to Hell cuz you like talkin' with a fuckin' fashion [what, ouu, aye
Hit you with the big Koopa Shell, always big strappin'
No, no, no, don’t come in the ride, you fuck with slime, you get the five [Pshh, pih, skrrt
4 plus 5 equal 9, gon' hit with both of em, if you keep talkin' too nice [beep] [Ouu, aye, yeah, what, what
Go, go, go, better run for your life, you wastin' time, it’s time to die [what, ouu, aye
Wet a nigga up, Wisconsin Dells, you'd be dead by the time you dry

[Pshh, pih, beep
[Yeah, L.A. went hard with this one
[Ouu, aye, yeah, what, what
[What is you tambout?] [what
[What is you tambout?] [Ouu, aye
[What is you tambout?] [bitch ass nigga!, yeah
[What is you tambout?]

[Pshhh, pih
What is you tambout?
What is you tambout? [Ouu, aye
What is you tambout?
[What, what, oohf
What is you tambout? [Yeah
What is you tambout?
What is you tambout?

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