Talisman - טליסמאן – Montages
Genre Pop



Verse 1;
She say she wanna ride fi mi
She say she wanna die fi mi
She come dey whine whine whine body
Dey gum body say me I dey worthy
So, na so I follow join body
Cause already i no gety somebody
ABC likey 123
Before we know we already don dey cure cure
But if I tell you how the matter be
Omoge I swear you go gbe body
Cause you dey see me for vip
No come dey reason say mi I gety money
Am just another WIP [work in progress
If you no fit wait omoh dey for there [you know the process
Cause you dey see me for vip huh?
No come dey reason say mi I gety money
Omoh na so so Montages
Wanna put di bwoi ina corner
Call me Solomon Talis
Cos di gyalis e mucher
And i no wan lie I dey faaji
But paramilitary no be soldier
Every man like Montages
But your security na the Roja

Slow down, mami slow down
2015 man ah show up
Mandela'19 mi blow up
2020 mi ah gotta show dem
Calm down ogbeni calm down
Shey you dey see us for the countdown?
If you see my case you go wonder
Omoh no be small craze just dey calm down

Verse 2;
Back fi di genesis, before di nemesis
After di fame, mi had to pay up some damages
Jealousy jealousy, industry politics
All part ah di game so none ah dem ah fi do sh!t to me
But you already know me
So tell me why you acting funny?
Some ah dem ah act like dem OG
But dem ah go pon your back controlling
But big up mi chargie, oh mi chargie
2015 man ah start with dem chargie
Mandela'19 with dem chargie
Churches, Pro Boi Nation still mi chargie
Mi just wanna feel the vibe alive
Get my money and a wife
Make my mummy feel alright
Walai talai mi no go fit to die
So so Montages!!!
Repeat chorus


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