Sykotik Sinfoney – Gardners From Hell
Genre Pop

Gardners From Hell


We gotta do something with our lives
No real parents to provide
No education just street wise
So now we mow lawns just to survive


We are the gardners from hell!
We are your gardners

Verse 1

I gotta 
The blade is sharp, the body is clean
I know I'm part evil I'm all machine
'Cause I mow a mean lawn and we make a great team!
I didn't pay attention to the golden rules
And now the lawn mower is my tool
I gotta wash my face when I eat
I scrape the meat off my hеad
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hеy! Hey! Hey!


We are the gardners from hell!
We are the gardners from hell!
We are your gardners

Verse 2

We're gonna mow 'til we drop dead
Grass and dirt stick to our heads
We're not pretty or creative
So we live to mow and we mow to live
Psycho gardening, at your service!
Demonic mower, makes you nervous!
Don't turn around and watch your ass
Or we'll mow you down like a measly blade of grass


Verse 3

Wake up, people open up your ears
We're mowing hard and shifting gears
Don't look at me when your money is gone
We're just scumbags that mow your lawn


Verse 4

Listen up, listen up, listen up!
Before we couldn't afford a meal
Now we make three hundred thousand a year!
At evil gardening we're the best
We've mowed our way to success!
We're sick of lawns, weeds, and turds
Pretty flowers and plastic birds
We've worked real hard we've done real well
Put ourselves through gardening hell!
Smile, smirk, or even frown!
We're gonna mow your pathetic lawn down!

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