SyCap – Goodbyes, no regrets
Genre Pop

Goodbyes, no regrets


Jordan, what's your name, sir?! Jordan! Exactly!

Ja, wat is een leuke nummer?
Ga je zeggen dat je 'm helemaal kan meezingen, want dan word ik echt boos, he
Nee! [5x
Now it's my time!

Chorus #1

I lost my girl last
And it don't even bother me 'cause I gave up the fight
We agreed to let go while you looked me in my eyes
I was questioning it all while I kissed you so delight, yeah

'Cause this might be the last time
Oh baby, oh baby, you runnin' 'round my mind
Aye, 'cause this might be the last time
Oh baby, oh baby, you runnin' 'round my mind


'Cause girl you know, how I do this
We both struggle 'round each other for two long years, yeah
Baby do you know what I feel for you?!
I know you know, you know me
You know me better than anyone else
You better stay with me, yeah yeah yeah


'Cause how can it be [how can it be
That you and I [you and I
Can both tell the story differently, yeah

Chorus #2

And why is it so complicated [complicated
Thought you and I could make it [can make it
Then you and I should make it

I loved you [I loved you
And you loved me [you loved me
So, time goes [time goes
Come past me [come past me
Fly through my room, come touch me
I want your body 'round me


I want your body around me
I want your body around me
I need your mind, around me
Your body, your mind and soul are all around me




Hey, baby
How's the other guy?
I don't wanna know his name [nah, fuck that
But, I wish you all the best in time

Chorus #3

But, aye, I secretly hope that you'd break up [could break up
And that we can still make up [can make up
But that's so much for the false hope
I shouldn't think about that you'd break up [oh, break up
And I wanna know [I don't wanna know
Wanna have you now [wanna have you now
Come back with me [come back with me
[I need you desperately]

After chorus

I wish you the best in life and I hope we'll see each other again
But it's better that we never met
That's why I say "goodbye" with most regret, yeah


"Maar dan wel samen?"
"Wel samen!"
"Ohhhh slijmbal jij, hè"

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