Swoop Ghazi – Troublesome
Genre Rap


Cuz everybody's on the roads tryna' trap [ah
Couple bags got them thinkin' that they trap stars
Sit your bitch-ass down, like a lap dance
Fuck your wack bars why the fuck you gettin' mad darg

Come and try me I'll show you what the scheme is
We put the bally's up I'll show you who the team is
I starve with the same man I eat with, believe that it's them when you see this grab the heat quick and show them fire like the phoenix
Experienced soldiers I be with, never back down so wе been in some deep shit
G-string your pussio, you know you get a beating
Rollеd up and 8-man deep ting
Man got stamped on we were stampeding
Circle of shottas you could call it a key-ring
0121 believe this the man are gettin' p's in
Shottin' in the day but they lock it off by evening
Ain't come around to be nervous, my confidence is higher than the ceiling
Don't get blunt man I smoke it, you feel when I'm creepin'
Exterminate my demons
Cock it back and let it out like semen

And if the outcome is income, we're comin' through and gettin' things done
Trained to defend like a warrior off wing-chun
You ain't breakin' barriers in my kingdom

Skin-headed Paki this is England
Sikh like an Indian
Show you little batty boys 'bout my type of swingin'
Cuz' everybody's on the strip tryna' make dough
I fucking hate to show my face up on these bait roads
Man said they're levelling, never ever came close
Wanna be a millionaire, sign up for the game show
Going on heavy like I weigh loads
I take those
up your mouth it better stay closed
Always on the block that's us, straight ballin' out the
Gat's bussed feds think we're in school hands up
Why you think we're gettin' mentioned more than any gang does
Let me get it back bruv, got my head down thinking if my darg start gettin' banged up
But nobody had the buzz more than ours
We was in an' out of clubs more than cars
I ain't talkin' bout the music, I'm talking bout the past
Everybody had a buzz, nobody made it last
But we been about the guap from the start
Been in an' out of jobs, gotta graft
With my dargs runnin' up in yards for the plants
I ain't tryna splash money, fam I'm calm
They be thinking bout the Gucci I be thinking bout the BM and the yard
Thick brothers tryna do me but they can't you'll have to cut me in half
Tryna go against me know it truly ain't smart
Like we sittin' in the whip but the dooby ain't sparked
We're all linked it don't matter who you get involved
I put it on him made him shake like Freddie Roach
You ain't a bad boy just cuz you're gettin' old
Enemies I'm deading those, memories I let 'em go
Trapped in the trap I ain't sellin' O's
Movin' like Sterling, settin' goals, Tryna get that money in and take it home
The smile on my mum's face is more than the petty roads
Read it slow, growin up I'm gettin old
They're sayin that I changed, I tell 'em fuck you I'm still the fucking same yout, remember we was rolling for the rave
Man tried the ting I had to spark him in the face, sittin laughing at them days
Size doesn't matter, let me tell you you'll get battered if you ain't got heart in the battle
You got man but they're cattle, I got lions and they'll rattle any jaw
An' he's talkin' like he's sick till' I smack him with the cure
But now we're calm and I'm tryna make him see straight
Cuz you can try and start fresh for the clean slate
I won't be takin off my mask you won't see Kane
Deep pain, runnin through my chest like it's three blades
Heatwave, had to be alert when police came
So who's on it, nobody that's what we say
Ballin' on the block, see how we play attackin' your defence, and takin' out your team-mates
And these days it don't mean shit to me, shit to me
I learnt more from my losses than I did from my victories
I make the most of every day I live to see
Never been quick to speak, look what the roads done did to me

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