Swinem – Night
Genre Rap


Girl, We Gon' Be Together For Eternity
You Naughty Natee

I Cried, Girl I Cannot Lie[It's All Irony
I Miss Your Smile[A Yo
In My Life[I'm Back Again, Ok
Girl, One Last Try

I Told You, Right From Day One
That I'm Not Gonna Let Go
Buh I Guess, I'm The Lego
That You Always Gonna Be Playing With Your Leg So
Ouch Ouch
My Heart's Bleeding Oh No
I've Been In Severe Pains
Since September We Broke Up Fo'
You Remember [I'm Bleeding] Back Then
When We Told Each Other
Bout Our Future Kid Whom We Gonna Name Brian Together
I Killed Us With My Rage Of Angеr And Jealousy
I Felt That You Was Dating Another Nigga Spеcifically
Da' Motherfucker
It Continuously Kills Me
Whenever I Get That Sensation Of I Was Sharing My Lover, Cause
I've Never Been A Sharer Of The 'D', So Why Start With The 'V'
Although You Didn't
My Insecurity Made Me Think So Poorly
Neh Neh Mina Ouch, It Hurts Me
How The Fuck Am I To Live Without You?
I Cried, Girl I Cannot Lie
I Miss Your Smile
In My Life
Girl, One Last Try
[One Last Time
I Cried, Girl I Cannot Lie
I Miss Your Smile
In My Life
Girl, One Last Try[It's All Irony Man]

Remember When
We Was Once Like Nitrogen And Hydrogen
Where Went All Those Chemistries?
All Of A Sudden, You Telling Me

Woah Woah Woah, The Fuck
Have You Gotta Say Right Now
Oh Swi, You Don't Get It
I Understand The Fact That I Messed Up
I Get It[I Cried, Girl I Cannot Lie
But You Just Don't Get Me
[I Don't Miss Your Smile
The Fuck Am I Tryin' To Get
[In My Life
I Felt So Fucking In Love[Girl, One Last Try
Like I Felt A Thousand More Of It All
Oh Swi
Wait, You Stuck Back In Twenty Twenty
Holy [OG's
Wait, You've Been Dre Dre
Oh Kind Of Dreaming
Damn It But I Guess
You Got Yourself In This Calamity
Never Underestimate The Power Of Jealousy
It's A Rare Disease, I Guess, I Drank Off Of It
Quite Funny, How Poisonous It Is
Oh Tap Me Out Of This [This
My Heart Has Felt The Pain Of A Thousand Years
Yea, I Felt So Fucking In Love Withcha
But, I Guess It Meant Nothing To Ya
After All This Years

I Cried, Girl I Cannot Lie
I Don't Miss Your Smile
In My Life
Girl, One Last Try

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