Swillz – Long Live King Von
Genre Rap

Long Live King Von


Told you rest in peace to King Von
Fuck em pussy ass nigga Quando Rondo
Fuck em pussy ass nigga NBA Youngboy
Shout out to my nigga swillz
The hottest nigga on the continent right now I gon fuck with him


Fuck em pussy ass nigga named Quando
I might but them catch em by the honchos
We pull with the draco in the photo
Shoot em in the face caught him in the dome
Catch you slippin about the nigga no Scotty Pippin
Do niggas talking they say I'm different they say I'm trippin
I wanna whoop you and catch you my sauce be drippin
Hit your best friend in the back you'll end up missing
Bitches suwoop blood gang, nigga fuck your cripping
Yeah this Wheezy I'm independent
I ain't starting no battle we gon catch a body pull up on the pussy ass nigga hit him with a shotty
Cut his hands off, cut his legs off
Niggas talkin' shit I know hе well off
Put him in a coffin
You know a nigga with the talking
Aiming at his fucking feet hit em nigga with a glizzy
Got this for thе clock, you know I'm calling shots
RIP to King Von they caught him in the parking lot
Damn, I heard you looking for a shooter now
Bitch I'm smoking on this tooka now
I swear you better hold your nigga now
OTF so we don't fuck around, get this Wheezy a powder
Put a price on his head, my money got larger
We pull up you know I gotta fucking put a pounder
Bitch I'm fishing like a flounder
I got prejudice and my niggas know they killers in your residence
You can check my status nigga
I'll boil a nigga up just like cabbage nigga
Just like cabbage nigga
I feel like a candidate I finna catch a candid nigga
Bitch I'll pull up with the cannon nigga
Diamonds dance like Nick Cannon nigga
I swear these niggas funny, how the fuck you get killed by a nigga that was bummy
Talking shit I put a nigga in his place
Talking shit I got you running out of state
Fucker fuck eight trey we know you niggas fake
See my niggas banging Piru or they nine trey
Got to get this money yeah I gotta get this paper
Shawty want to suck my dick I make her meditate
Bitch I'm off this liquor see a nigga feeling faint
Bitch I'm so fucking high I feel like elevate nigga
Get to poppin' then we do the race
You know we rollin' like some skates
I know these niggas ain't real I ain't talking bout a drill but you can get hit with this steel, pussy

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