Sway Away (Bonus Track) – This Romantic Tragedy
Genre Pop

Sway Away (Bonus Track)

What are you going to do when I am gone
Time can not escape what lies beyond
Its times like these, take what your given
Give away my self worth, unmark my soul

Can I break through [x2
The ties between the mind and soul
Misunderstood in our control
Seeing all there is to know

Close your eyes and let go
Let go of this flesh and body
Ahead lies your journey
The emptiness that fills around me

A feeling of elation
The darkness and damnation
The emptiness that fills around me
I can not mistake what
I've been taught
Take apart the pieces
Place them back in thought

Inside out I found my conscious mind
Where have I been this whole time
Starts ceasing exist when I
Find that I'm a part of this
When the eye is single
The whole body is full of light
Bliss, we've been searching for something within
It lies within, US
My eyes have seen the coming of the Earth
And the ruins of the land they offered me
A place found deep within, ME

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