Swaine – 30430
Genre Rap



U not the one
The chosen none
I know its wrong but
Im havin fun

Verse 1

Its done and its done regardless
Im invisible in apartments
U just keep sleepin and nappin on top this
I can't wait to see how u top this

Still gettin by
Ain't shit changed
And u still ain't vibin
I ain't the type to be sittin quiet
Im done repeating shit
Same old lines and i

I can't do it like this
Spend too much broken over a bitch
Thinkin bout nothin its static and hiss
30 for 30 im comin like drizz
And its deaded like dris
Somethin to do but its nothin to me
And i know what to do when i fumble the speech
But i step back like dame and we goin ot


U not the one
The chosеn none
I know its wrong but
Im havin fun

After chorus

Words hit like swords when u talk thе way u talk
I got the world in my palm still i fall
U shouldve known what was comin when it was
I gotta go well ill see u when im lost

Verse 2

Pokin and teasin
Fill up my thoughts w a voice without reason
I just went dumb and again every season
Last thing i need is someone catchin feelings

Project insecurities
U just want me to be how u wanted me
I ain't w that im built for the pleasantries
Im the lead like im in for presidency
Im noone but someone when i really speak

Really speak
Tell me ur truths and the secrets u hold
Call in the mornin to change what i know
I went from buggin to switchin up souls
Spirit so empty it left out my lungs
Season the vet and come back feelin whole
I just thank god we ain't double no more


U not the one
The chosen none
I know its wrong but
Im havin fun

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