SwagoAlexander – Spare Time
Genre Rap

Spare Time

Feat. Lil Gotit


Pull up at your place and eat your wife out
When you pull up on my block you get block stop
Niggas talking all that shit will get you wacked now
This ain't elementary you can get your white topped


Whip your fucking nose if you ready to get whipped out
I'ma kill your ass on my fucking Spare Time
Nigga since you fuck with me and Gotit
We got that money then we go and make some more

Verse 1Lil Gotit

Who you heard that's hot us
All our opps we line them up
VIP we buy em up
Catch your bitch and boss her up
Rap bitches we knock em up
Yeah, we build for tugs Pockets sitting on some dubs

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