Surya by Rochelle D'silva – Hau
Genre Pop

Surya by Rochelle D'silva

PoemRochelle D’silva

Surya Namaskar
I bowed before you
A callow child of seven
Trying very hard to hold still
Embrace your wonder and your healing powers
“It will strengthen your bones”
She called out from the corner of her yoga mat
I did not know that you would come to be my home away from home
My north star, my shining nucleus of hot plasma, my constant
In a world constantly changing
You glistened against my face
Blow hot winds into my ears
Do not care that I am brown
In a world green with envy
You and I have walked many roads together
I have waited for you at the end of many rainbows
And you have always, always reappeared
They tеll me not to believе in fantasy anymore
And yet, they cannot fathom your glory
Yet they cower from your glare
Personified you in scriptures, music, art, literature
They forget to just look up
To me, you are friend
Enabler of light and inner peace
Promise of a new day
Infinite possibility
My guiding force, my north star

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