Survivor – ShokkaSG
Genre Rap


Feat. Rick Ross

[La musica de Harry Fraud]

Verse 1:Shokka

I say what I want
I’ll kill your ass on any block
Know the motto,do what you want and fuck the cops
Just south from my block,they were having a party at Pop Smoke’s
Just 4 hours before he got smoked
I hate the hypocritical people who think everything’s a joke
In my city,they know that I’m the goat
You haven’t hit me up in a while,I feel like you’re now a ghost
If you don’t pull up at 6 AM,then you’re toast
Because it’s the birthday party you’re gonna miss the most

Only do it for the family
My black suit cost a quarter piece
You ain’t stealing my chain nigga,get the fuck off of me
I get my weed from Jamaica
My father’s a money maker
And my girlfriend’s an ass shaker
You ain’t killing nobody,but I’ll make ya
Stomp on the ground,call that an earthquake ya
All the boys came to the yard because of that milkshake ya
White up in the nose,this that cocaine ya

Verse 2:Rick Ross

I knew my time would eventually come
Believed the chances were slim
I wasn't ready to give it up, not now
Little did I know my needs to just keep living would be for playing the game
All I see is grime
All I'm feelin' is pain
I'm outside of the game, having no clue what you did
I can't get past it, I don't know how to escape this
Because my mind's on repeat, just never stopping me

Verse 3:Shokka

Take a snip on that Kodak
Shoutout to my nigga Kodak
I rock with others,I hope you know that
Take another blunt to the face,I’mma roll that
Catch me at Canada where the snow’s at
Catch me at the crib where the hoes at
You did too much cocoa,where your nose at?
I’m tripping on past visions
Can’t get over these bitches
And I don’t ever want to talk to snitches

When I’m on the court,I’m like Larry Bird
When I see you in person,I’m gonna flip the bird
I’m a trench baby,got this shit from out the dirt
Now I gotta put my name on everything I’m worth
I see that nigga,go and put him on a shirt
When I’m round town I use those colorful metaphors
I showed you the skeleton,now I’ll close my closet door
She thinks the earth is flat,I’mma smack this fat whore
I spot sharks shore to shore
Spending all my money on expensive things,I’m gonna be poor

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