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September 11, 2020

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Munster Mash lyrics

When you are walking the street at night
And behind you there's no one in view
But you hear mysterious feet at night
Then The Munsters are following you!

Interlude: Whipstick
Yeah, haha, Super Famous Fun Time Guys
Let's go, bitches

Verse 1: Whipstick
I'm Butch Patrick fucking a fat chick
Howling at the moon, push her mangled face in the mattress
Fist up her ass with headshots, Mom’s little asses
Squirt the back of yo neck with some semen and acid
Faggot, you in the wrong cul-de-sac
Holler back victim of assault and I fought all of that
Screaming out your fears like I'm the one who cares, called it that
Scraping through the kitchen, super secret and fucked the cat
They call me Ed Cullen rocking a mullet
Skydiving fair player, ripcord, not gonna pull it
Last guy I decided to haunt, I mocked his brûlée
I toss a Molotov to start it off, you're lost in the flames
It's awful and painful, nonstopping harness disdainful
Honestly I never thought it'd be so hard to obtain you
Got your mangy mutt chilling in the Mystery Machine
Sharpening the shiv, crossing off the list, removal of your spleen

Interlude: Whipstick
Zoinks Scoob! My god Scoob
It's like whoa little buddies (Shut the fuck up)
Really good, know about a spleen dude (Shut up!)
My god!
Donnie Menace, kick that shit!

Verse 2: Donnie Menace
We the reason that the devil exists
With the capability to snap your neck with just a clench of my fist
But I'm not done once you're dead or you're limp
I'ma take your fucking face off for messing with these meddling kids
It isn't recommended, catch a rep with all these creeps surrounding you
'Cause if there's something on your chest I bet we'll beat it out of you
You think you're valuable, but you ain't worthy
F your family, I'll put 'em all through a wall like Frank Murphy
Leave your frame burning like a car fire
Roll up and you can get popped and catch a boot like car tires
You want war? I'm a dark-sider
I'm old-school hardcore like fluorescent lights and barbed wire
I got a can of gas and a large lighter
And when I'm done with you it's NBA Jam, he's on fire
Only reason I'll make your frame blaze is to stomp you out
But two legs ain't enough, so where's 8 Legz

Interlude: Donnie Menace & Mr 8 Legz
Take that, bitch ass nigga
The fuck I tell you!
Stop fucking talking!
Legz! Legz! Where the fuck are you?
Dude, I'm heading out now

Verse 3: Mr 8 Legz
Aye, my bad, I'm running late, hailed a cab, I'm on the way
Hope I still got time to rip the tongue from up and out his face
Targeting your neck just because I'm wondering how it breaks
You don't want the beef, it's sick dawg, a cow with AIDS
Place an X around your name like a slasher in outer space
I just wanna pick your mind, and by that, mean devour brains
Send appendages flying like fucking around with powder kegs
Legz enter races I take running over Powerade (Bitch!)
Fuck you and your attitude, carbon-copy Scrappy Doo
Bet I take a stab at you, I'm leaving here with half of you (Yup)
Packaged in a doggy bag, looking like a sack of food
Go ahead and call me mad, yo, homie, I'm just mad at you
If your crew wanna slide through I'm counting my seams
Just warning you, but in this mansion's thirteen (Yeah)
I ain't good at math, but here's what that fucking should mean
I don't need a costume to haul off and shoot teens
Suck a dick

Interlude: Mr 8 Legz & Bukshot
Die motherfucker, yeah
Ugh, what's up bitches
It's Bukshot, a.k.a Buk Norris
Get Bukslapped
(Get up)

Verse 4: Bukshot
Underground Phantom of The Opera
D-Bo choked out, anaconda
Snipe everyone, try to go for headshots
Rope around the neck, hang 'em like dreadlocks
Only mob shit, coming for your clique bitch
Me, Donnie, 8 Legz, and Whipstick
Pull a knife, blood smears like lipstick
Back to the underground, lurking with the misfits
Keep your distance, don't follow me
Jason mask and it ain't even Halloween
Move fast, chop 'em up slovenly
In my field blood is a commodity
I'm a Munster like Herman
Welcome to the lake of fire, enemies burnin'
It's the underground, you will come up missing here
Then I'm gone like a ghost, disappear

Super Famous Fun Time Guys – Munster Mash

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