Sunny Bunny Blues – Parov Stelar
Genre Pop

Sunny Bunny Blues

Feat. Veda 36

Overline, underline, over die, connect mind
Vision, seek, find
Unique space—kind time
Truth is eternal, thought as depressed and not induced journal; journey eternal

Physical stimulus, command the transit
Rapid transmit, energy rancid
Through infernal dances, the flame advances
Gravity pull, unseen for, then depleted via war

Clone the cloud sight most when you need it more
Versus bear glam and let it clear where
Thought in the sex where sexually transgress
Fact infatuate with inanimate object press


But…what can he do?
But…what can he do?

Control escape on your console
But it's hard to escape the way society control
Hold it back in your spot, move the energy backwards
Too late, my mind is cool with physical attack first

Esoteric be the rhyme, in soul, in spirit
Let me touch your mind with the abstract and clear it
Literal, I speak the rhyme so you can understand it


Classified object, up rhyme set project vocal trajectory mind sweat

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