Summer Breeze – KNWN
Genre Rap

Summer Breeze

I've been living life by the second not the minute
'Cause I'm guessing Imma switch it
Everytime I hit my limit
Imma kill it with a snippet
That I write in couple minutes
Riddle it with some lyrics
That make you take a second listen
Check all the words you've been missing
Check all the words you've been missing, yeah
When you realise 'em, take a knee son
Take a second to feel the summer breeze son
Straight into the unknown, non-stop, I won't stop
Got no ghost writer, soulless likе ghost rider, yeah
You know I won't flow, no I won't stop
'Til an album drop, 'til I make it pop
That's just how I hop, but would you cop
Probably not, 'causе it's not that hot just yet
When I spit it
Imma kill it
Wait until you hear it
And feel it in your spirit
I'm breaking through now with no clearance
I hope y'all know I was perseverant
And I hope all of this is in coherence
Yeah, Like there was no interference
Disappearance like I'm David Blaine
Taking shots straight through my brain
I'm drinking to take away my pain
I'm hearing all of them call my name
But fuck that low vibe shit
I'm a high vibe bitch
I'm a ride 'n' die bitch
With that Bonnie, Clyde shit
I want that O'side sitch
But I don't mind, sit
Scratch that low tide itch
Get a slow ride sitch, yeah
Imma go with whatever comes my way
Regardless of whether it's sunny or it's rain
Some days are thrown or they fade away
And other days are memories left to gain
Just go with the flow, and drive slow
Hey who'll know, maybe we'll find where we wanna go
I don't know though, just take it slow bro
Drive wherever, don't wanna go home
I really just wanna drive wherever
I really just wanna ride wherever
So, grab the car keys, follow our lead
Yeah, feel the summer breeze g

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