Suicide – Young Misty
Genre R&B



Told her I made her slit
I ment you have to pay
Of the choices you made some shit
I am causing suicide
Now she won't let me say goodbye
I know why she is dead
But I don't know how she die
Tell her I miss you, girl
I won't let her die
I'm so sad, I'll miss her
Nobody said "I can't be a ho"
Telling me I don't know


She have commited suicide
Please tell her I'm sorry
I can't tell her I'll die
I know you wasn't my baby
All this killing is crazy
Don't leave me, girl
Nowhere safe on this planet, baby
I found a new girl
She knows how to twerk
She got a big booty
I'm the one who got the lurk
I got cash on me and I can buy it
After you hide it

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