Genre Rap



[ay, you know what i'm saying we back in the booth]

[tryna be my own hero]


Yeah there go the pain
[the pain, ay yah]

Been threw all the rain
[yuh, all the rain]

Yeah, been threw all your games

Yah ay, my hearts injected ay ay ay

I can't feel the same yah yah

Gotta clear my brain
[my brain]

Been threw all your motherfucking games

My hearts been injected with novacane

Ay ay ay i holler at the sky for the lord
[for the lord]

Please don't water down my mind let it pour
[bitch let it pour]

Know you part of the divine let it go
[let it go]

What you feeling up insidе i don't know
[bitch i don't know]

I brought the pack, i brought no lies are you sold
[arе you sold]

Having fun fucking guys you don't know
[you don't know]

I bet he can't do it like me till your sore
[till your sore]

I bet he ain't looking like me in the morn
[in the morn]

I'm my own hero

Yah, what the fuck does he know
[he don't know shit]

Yah yah,where the fuck did she go

Yah yah fuck it inhale more weed smoke

Yah ay ay had to break out the law on a hoe
[on a hoe]

I swear i had to break out the law on a hoe
[silly hoe]

These days i just don't know what i saw in that hoe
[what, what]

Don't play or lie just get in the car and let's go
[bitch let's go]

She get annoyed cause i'm too wise bitch i'm woke
[bitch i'm woke]

She get annoyed because i fly bitch let's float
[so bitch let's float]

I don't wanna be in a car i'm on a boat
[i'm on a boat]

I don't wanna be in a boat i'm in a plane
[i'm in a plane]

I swear i been thru all this pain
[all this pain]

Can't go back to all those games
[all those games]

You ain't acting the same
[the same]

You just playing your lane
[your lane]

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