Stunna Gambino – Konfident
Genre Rap


You lied you lied that shit drove me insane
You took my heart and just pulled it away
Ooh-ah, ooh-ah I'll never be the same
Ooh-ah, ooh-ah I'll never be the same

[?] you was playin' all these mind games
VVSed my watch now I'm in a differnt time frame
You said I'll never be shit, but when that time came
Crazy you was all on my dick, but you said I changed
She told me to eat the woah nana, I said "I'm vegan"
Bitch I got a moncler coat for every season
My new bitch a foreign shе Cuban and Puerto Rican
Hands done, hair done, hеr attitude the meanest, the meanest
Fuck my old bitch I don't need her
'Cause I moved on to the better, on to the better

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