Studio C – Kids Should Love Money
Genre Pop

Kids Should Love Money

Verse 1

Kids, if you want to have a future
A life that's secure and peaceful, happy and sunny
Then you should really spend some time
Developing an all-consuming lust for the lucre of money

Start working 60-hour weeks
'Till you get appointed to boss and you get to work 80
No need for hygiene or for dating
Just make Sacagawea your lady

Chorus 1

Making money is such a rush
Sure beats dinner with your family
Thanks to money we've got the Lakers
And the Hobbit movies 2 and 3

Verse 2

Life is more exciting when you borrow
You can pay a boring a price now or an epic price tomorrow
And whеn your credit has all been spent
Just pull a Michael Jordan comе out of retirement

Chorus 2

Money is your best friend
Without money there'd be no rich an poor
You'll take it with you in the end
Is there a better cause worth dying for?


Earning money is child's play if you make sure that you know your tricks
Doctors are supposed to keep you healthy but they bank when you're really sick
Reporters get paid for the news, especially the bad news
Boxers get paid if they win or they lose
You'll reap financial rewards if your songs have the 4 standard chords
And you get millions for tossing 'round a pointed leather ball
Teach the little kids and you don't really get paid at all
Senators and congress members do okay 'cause they pick their own salaries and you get to pay
And we wouldn't want it any other way

Chorus 3

So take a stand for what is green
Come and rally to our money flag
It's the root of all that's good
You know it's all about the price tag
Come and join our prosperous throng
Let the commercial life envelop you
Be sure to go and buy this song
That we may earn the iTunes revenue

Kids, there's one skill you know:
Consumerist accumulation, so
I think we're all agreed
Money is the only thing you need

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