Stressed Desserts – Breakfast Paranoia

Stressed Desserts

Verse 1

Nice, cream with ice
No, there is no rice
Wow! you are so wise
Just like a mice

Before chorus

Life don’t be cruel
I’m getting mad
I have no fuel to keep doing math


Stressed desserts
Desserts of stress
With whipped cream of problems
And sprinkled with mess

Verse 2

Doctor, you are killing
All of my nerves
Now I have no feeling
Of leaving my bed
I try so hard so hard but it’s never enough
I do my best, but my best is the worst
I deserved that pass but you love to say no
I may have failed, but my faith is with God


Stressed desserts
Desserts of stress
With whipped cream of problems
And sprinkled with mess
Coverture of pressure
With a touch of depression
So dense as honey
And at the top the cherry of agony

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