Genre Pop


Going bad remix

Verse 1

Bad bitch driving, when she stops I'm gunna fuck her quick [whoo
I can't take her home cause at home I got another bitch [another one
Genie in a bottle, rub her body then I make a wish [make a wish
If that pussy was a song, I'd place it in my greatest hits
Big pony on my hat, I'm putting in my work
I don't got a face tat, I used to sip purp
That is not a diss but a fact you just heard
And you don't know me so don't use the bro term
Old friends they don't know me now
I changed in mostly worse ways
You wouldn't hold her hand but paid for her on the first date
I be hitting homers, can't be satisfied with first basе
Looking for revenge, I'mma sеrve it on dessert plates
Taking you a slice, since you think I'm so nice
Cost to be the boss, now you paying yo price


My president was black, now he's wack
That's a fact
Got the city on my back, and back spitting crack for fiends and it's mean but it's clean like the lean
Pussy like a jellybean
And she off of Betty Jean
Got a lot of people hating on me every day [everyday
Still gon fuck the game almost every way [every way
Got a lot of bitches begging Stoneyyy stay [Stoneyyy stay
Still goin bad on ya anyway

Verse 2

Cause I'm a dog, imma beast hoe
You gotta pay to fuck this bitch but I get free throws
I got pre-rolls
And I leave em out for santa cause he knows
That you ain't gotta stop at one I got 3 hoes
Only fuck with bowling balls, I need 3 holes
I need peacoats [yuh
Cause it's a cold winter [yuh
I just ate a cold dinner [yuh
I get paper like a printer [yuh
You a rat, fuck a splinter [rat!
You know I'm a born sinner, that's the opposite of winner [yuh
Brand new fuckin Robin jeans on this bitch I met off Twitter
Yeah and she gon take em off like a day at work [take em off
But I just want the head, baby gimme pert [pert, pert
If the feds come thru my door, I ain't gon say a word [nah
Yeah 5-0 desert eagle, that's my Larry Bird [Doo! Doo! Doo! Doo!
Yeah myy faith is in my sauce but I still gotta stir [stir stir
I still gotta work
Rumble in the dirt till I'm murked
Till I exert, enough to make it off this Earth
Been my mission since my birth but I got hurt so Scotty beamed me up for Kirk

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