Stone Piece – Hate Flaws (Freestyle)
Genre Rap, Uk Rap

Hate Flaws (Freestyle)

Yeah yeah
Wait up



I remember the days I was stressed
Am stressed, no text, no message
My life is hell, when I look at my eyes
I see the demons that are hanging
Nobody is willing to help, they told me I got cash, so I cashing
I got a mission, am thinking my life in a-mansion
I mean it, admit it
Your first time on my page I was winning
Nonetheless, I don't care if you check me
I don’t wait no minute
Am killing this beats like the first time on this and am winning
No need smoke when I write and I kill it
Damn, you saw me ?
Say what you wanna say ,I don't really stay
I don't really pay, got a lot of things
The money I get flow like the snow when it’s getting late
I Hope you relate
Tape is coming soon, I hope that you safe
Niggas they really hate...
Business first, the rest I don't need to face
Am thinking of changing plans
Lot of facts got a lot of pain
Lot of words got a lot of weight
Many friends got a lot of waste
Change for better when you get my words

Let me change the race
I got a lot of people that I need to face
I got lot of plans that I need to chase
This is not a race
This is not a diss
This is about the highway that I need to face
Threads always come on your way
Life is crazy when you get away
Look yourself and change your ways
Don't tell me something that I really know
Damn bro
I hope you will be blessed with that
My name is Stone, ey...

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