Sterbhaus – New Level of Malevolence
Genre Rock

New Level of Malevolence

Word wielder of truth and great renown
The spitting image of a thousandfold denial
Are you waging warfare here
By the ashes n bones of what you see?
See, the sacrilege isn’t you digging the soil
But the exhibit – over used and abused
By the little ones who all claim the throne
With a cruel tool that tears the rift apart

And now by the sign of the certain sacrifice
Little crooked bad beings with envious eyes
Are finding their serpent souls
In the shallow certified throes
Of those to come undone
All revel in the flesh so freshly cut
From all them bare bones barely bought
Still ripped and taught by the true fire
Crossed and pissed and devoured

The “menace” roars
The “menace” cries
Adrift together in tantric fires
From an age gone sour
Devoured in an instant and final hour

Oh to be the one when the time has come
To usurp that rule, have you undone!

True to those of callous souls
Are you all but born to what’s foretold
In old parental tomes?
Torn in unopposed gullible homes
Another one cloaked in predated attire
Secondhand smoking in the fire
Turning tricks that sticks to well
Practiced grand designs

Mimic and shadow of the great divide
Come! I’ll lead you thru this cleansing fire

And if not for what’s inside that mine
At least to track down the crooks
Bent on pantomime

A fine day for a cleansing of the lines
A fine day celebrating in the dark

The grand theology
The day that cannot be
Belied, derived from tides of ruthless pantomime
Go forth thru blood and fire
Knee deep, never tire
Be warned, deformed old relics of Everscorned
So mimic of the great divide, I’ll lead you thru this cleansing fire

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