Sterbhaus – It Came from the Brain
Genre Rock

It Came from the Brain

Now that this séance of mimics’s well on the way
Them purdy girls hellbent to play
A game of keeping hell at bay
But at a prize never worth the pay

Well the monkey see and monkey do
Posing, sobbing martyrs tossing stool
Inhaling all this potent fuel
Still the essence’s lost in seductive rule

It Came from the Brain!
It spawned but wouldn’t slay, both deaf and dumb
Why they came in the first place it just couldn’t say
It Came from the Brain!

And so the sickling rides this train of thought
Derived derailed and cheaply bought
And while them tits ‘n’ ass still rue the day
There’s still a price I refuse to pay

See this slaughter of all is nothing more
Then but an insult born and delivered whole
To the likes of me and you living for
This fire scoldering the burning soul

It Came from the Brain!
It spawned but wouldn’t slay
Another whim born, born From the boredom of a brain!
It Came from the Brain!
There below, there in the afterglow
There’s a horned little fella left in the cold

With a mind bent to defile the blind
Now get a sweater and crawl back here
Between the spinal cortex and some of the thoughts today
He’s the benevolent worm thinking words on which I prey

It came from the brain!

Never mind learning the tools of trade
From head to toe in black leather today
But with the skin to show to prove you’re not effeminate in any way
War painted succubus seductive and horrific tart
Infesting invocating hate within the realms of unrelenting art

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