Sterbhaus – Grudgeholder + Hatemonger
Genre Rock

Grudgeholder + Hatemonger

Welcome into this realm of mine of sickness and decease
Embrace the embryonic state of mind and body free
From all the many legions now feeding on the dead
Though torn asunder in the fire
They all call for the saw

And now you’re better off dead
A sweet dark fire that burns in the pyres of hell
Exhumed, consumed and fuel for those
Who aim to hack and slash me down from head to toe
This burning pyre is but a tad better than the true foe

I’d like to whip your ass and whip it good
Good ol’ fashioned human stew
That will once it’s served
Serve as another mocking bird

That lies and abides to the order of unwritten laws
The pecking of the one born deviant and easily detected spawn
Accepted not for that which isn’t clad in fat
Bigoted funded keel hauling parades
Never ever questioned until now

For now you’re better off dead
There’s a sweet dark fire that burns in the pyres of hell
Oh how I wish I’d say I dream of you
Consumed in flames but every night
But I don’t, I simply don’t care if you die

And if it comes down to believing in hell
Well, I for one don’t have a soul to sell
This tub of lard – begotten sod
Another one to wage the war

More than a harmless relic from an ancient time
A laughing matter as tides change in the dark
But to know where you’re heading
Just look where you came from
Great hate instigator

And now you’re better off dead
We will all end up there deep below
So don’t fret and never repent
Forgot as nothing in the scheme of things
And though to close the book would be the honest thing to do
Still he lurks in the shadows a threat to the one

You call me devil, your aim’s set
A prompt fast answer for the dead eyed
Askewed viewed ghoul

”Gud som haver barnen kär
Se till mig som tretton är
Och som vart på rockkonsert
Fula gubbar på en scen
Rått kött käkar dom och ben
Vrålar som besatt om sex
Om hur djurets lustar väcks
Men jag fattar inget alls
När svärdet klyver flickans hals
Det står ej i lukas brevet
Att dom har sågklingor i skrevet
Vart jag mig i världen vänder
Blodet syns från deras händer
Så Gud genom 1000 watt
Hjälp mig nu när det blir natt”

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