Sterbhaus – Baby Jee and the 3 Stalkers
Genre Rock

Baby Jee and the 3 Stalkers

Three ungrateful swine who drinks the wine
Someone harvested in summertime
Are off to
The juice straight from the vine
And to cut the fruit from the pie

But to conceal nothing’s naïve in kind
Repaid in bundle and gutted blind
And so the trap is set – the son of Seth
Will slither into dull lullabies

Karma’s just another bitch
Born and bred upon the illwill of some
Malignant sign, like a star in the sky!

Baby Jee and the 3 stalkers in the night
They came they saw they conquеred all
The shit the fliеs the mud and straw
Goddamn the god who this infant spawned
Now it’s high time to enslave them all

And since she got away scot free with all the crap
With who in fact put the child ‘neath her skin and fat
Not for fame nor famine they concocted plans
They all did it for a laugh!
So sully the name whenever you will
They all blamed the ass when the donkey was killed
Now the fat of the land – The lard of god
Is a bible belt bursting upon

A hell belly full of wrath
Concocted aftermath
Of a super silent God

Baby Jee and the 3 stalkers in the night
Came, saw, conquered all
The waste and flies and mud and straw
And damned deed of the silent seeking servants of the spawn

It should’ve been the best plan no one ever had
But in a land of sand where Arabs run mad
This tale was all but a taste of what’s to come

With the slaughter as mortar
Brick by brick to build the order
A ghost from the past
A son, a father and a cast
The birth of a new age
Born from rage

Fee, fi, foe, fum
And by the pricking of my thumbs
Something wicked on donkey back
This was comes!
Beware the flying starchild for when in Rome
The slaughter commenced in the manner known well
To a child raised by an old vicious tome
In a damp hole of a home
So sully the name whenever you will
Who can blame the ass who remains alive still
And after all it should’ve been known
It wasn’t even close to be real

Baby Jee and the 3 stalkers learned too well today
That nothing’s in the way
When a foe keeps twisting words you say
Into prayers gone astray

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