Steph Copeland – Love Didn't Care For Me

Love Didn't Care For Me

Love Didn't Care For Me lyrics

Verse 1

When I lay my head to rest
There will grow a garden from my chest
And in the blowing petal leaves
The sun will lay its light on me

Chorus 1

Because love wouldn't care for me
Oh I was gone too long, but now I see
When you put your heart away
I saw a light fade away

Verse 2

When I left your warm embrace
The world was cold and filled with hate
Now on my chest, my garden grows
There's only one thing I wish you'd know

Chorus 2

Love didn't care for me
I left my home thinking I, I would be free
And it was time [that] took my light away
Gone for too long, but now I'll stay


Oh I was gone, but now I'll stay

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