Stench of Paradise Burning – Skeletal Remains
Genre Rock

Stench of Paradise Burning

Horrid life of cruelty strips the soul away
Evil lies revealed, its presence undenied
Crumbling morality infects the swarming race
Flames of the unfettered, a fate beyond redemption
Cleansing fire, all consuming
Idyllic dream, lost in chaos
Procession into darkness, descent to degradation
Contemptuous of impurity, inferno of extinction
Drowning in a sea of fire, the rapture of cremation
Entranced by lucid visions of paradise in flames
Writhing pit of misery from which there's no escape
Doomed before inception to end in suffering
Groveling in decadence, in fear of retribution
Blackened corpse of paradise scorched and turned to ash
Procession into darkness, descent to degradation
Contemptuous of impurity, inferno of extinction
Cleansing fire, all consuming
Idyllic dream, lost in chaos
Drowning in a sea of flame, the rapture of cremation
Only death remains, and the stench of paradise burning

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