Genre Pluggnb, Rap


Feat. IDKu, Xaz

IntroIDKu & Xaz

Ooh, Ooh, Ooh
Just bought a Rolls-Royce, wrapped in a blue
Copping some new toys, listen to blues


She calling my phone [She calling my phone
She know I'm the boss [She know I'm the boss
I'm dripping in Louis [I'm dripping in Louis
You know I got sauce [You know I got sauce]

I'm shopping in Gucci [I'm shopping in Gucci
You shopping at Ross [You shopping at Ross
You shopping at Ross, diamonds they floss
She know I'm the boss, chasing the bag

Like I'm Rich Ross [yeah, yeah
Count up the stack, count out the cash
Count up the racks, I gotta sauce
I be the boss, No one can stop


Yeah, you cannot stop
I am the boss
I am on top
I gotta sauce, I gotta sauce, yeah, yeah


Wearing the ricks, diamonds so froze
I put her on hold, I'm making her fold
Chasing the bag, with all of my team
You cannot compete, 'rari so green

Lightning mcqueen, sipping the lean
Feel like an actor, life is a scene
Cameras on me, shining on me
You cannot see, fuck on your team
I am in the beam, sipping the lean
Carrying the team, making us beam


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