Genre Rap


Feat. Xaz


My lyrics are flowing so cold
I'm making her sound like a bird [brr
We ain't fucking with any of the hoes, yeah
They making me purr [yeah, yeah
We living the life of a time
Making some money or two [shh, shh]


Yeah, you already know
Me and Uzi on the flow
About to shock the world
Fuck the girls all we need
Just a Black Benz, yeah
Count it up, counting up all we need is black friends [black, black]


Yeah saw a U.F.O
Yeah me and boys fucking up a bitch hoe [Bitch Hoe
About to eat some payrolls
Finding all the hoes
Flying back to my space
Catching all the dub, buying a new place [Ooh]

Verse 2Xaz

Go, go, go! [Go!
Woah, woah, woah [Woah!
Her ass is so fat
Shapеd like a moon [Moon
I'm texting her back
About to go zoom


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