Genre Pluggnb, Rap


Feat. Visceral


Warheart, this beat is so poggers


Yeah, everything wasn't working now
All the hard times I went through right now
Do you even notice me, when I'm always down
[No you don't notice me
No no, you don't notice me
[After all of this
Everything is in the past, yeah
[Can't stand this
Love heartbreak stories now
[Might get a heart attack
Beauty and the beast, yeah
[This is my story now]


Heartbreak, have it your way
I just want to have a fun day
On the one way
Oh my god girl
I want to take you out to lunch bae
Top notch, body, let's put you on the runway

Oh, dressing clean, I'm not dressing down
Don't got time for thesee fucking clowns
Dental swab, put it in your mouth
If you not there, then it's not a house

Roll the dice, bet all my poker chips
Red bottom stepper, girl you the shit
Examine your body like eulogists
Examine your body the perfectness


Had a heartbreak
Shaking up your love like a heartquake
Got a heartache
Surfing through your love like a heartlake


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