StanWill – Tag Popper
Genre Rap

Tag Popper


ShittyBoyz, Dog Shit Militia, that's on every song


You know it's dog shit around, all my niggas tag poppers
On the phone with a ham, bitch, I'm tryna act proper
What happened to the last opp? You can go and ask Swanson
I should go and work for NASA, how yo baby blast rockets
Pull up on her Gucci, Louis, Dior, I got sex appeal
You can chop the legs up off my feet, I bet I'm stepping still
Bitch want me to have her heart, I only want her neck, for real
Pull up on yo bitch in Fendi, bet she wanna F, for real
Two hunnid on the dash, fuck I look like tryna do the limit?
Three hunnid fifty on some gym shorts but I ain't hooping in 'em
Five racks or better every time yo baby shoot the limit
Whole gang coming Goose, bitch, we flock together
I just want the head, told yo bitch we not together
Everybody with me sticked up, we Glock together
Bad bitch brought her friend, guess they getting popped together
Mike Amiris on, got her tryna take 'em off
How the fuck I throw my hoodie on but it's Off?
At the set tripping, don't remember what I bought
Bro like Craig Daddy, tell him catch doggy getting caught
I pulled up on yo bitch, she pulled my pants down
I'll pull up with the stick and blow his mans down
I ain't never in life had my hands out
I had yo bitch in the Dodge, she got rammed down
I ain't gotta work a job, bitch, I scam now
I'll call the fucking task force, they on standby
I got a jugg sense, I know when a ham by
I used to rock Levi's, 'Miris crammed now
Up the blick and he turned pussy, boy, you ain't a dog
I feel like a bench warmer, I don't play at all
Ain't no three-five if yo bitch face a log
You can't tell these hoes shit, they gon' say it all
You gon' buy her clothes, I'ma make her take 'em off
Seven hunnid horses in this whip, I'm racing off
Ask Maury, niggas is my sons, I raised 'em all
At yo home swinging sticks but we ain't playing ball
I ain't got no kids yet 'cause bitches ate 'em all
Fuck I look like saving hoes? Ain't got no cape at all
Bitch, I'm racing out the door if pape' involved
SBDSM, you know my babies taking off


Real ShittyBoyz shit, she gon' fuck 'cause the ShittyBoyz lit

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