STA KT – Lolife
Genre Rap


Lo Life

Hold Tight

Ready set go

[yea yea]

Pole fight



Mane my heart be so cold


Out on the road

Learned to survive on my own

Take what i can and i go

Don't f**k with these h**s
You gotta pay for my show

I can't believe that i'm on


I remember when ole girl wasn't feelin' me

Now i got the bit havin' suicidal tendencies


I get this money and flip it

Reach for my chain b**ch i'm grantin' yo wishes

I don't want that deal cause i need like ten million

I hopped in my bag i was too in my feelins'

Thеy cannot keep up they be wishin' i'm finished

And i ain't gonе stop i pull-up what's the business

I just cashed out all these h**s they gone jock that

STA KT an artist he do not rap

Had to take that snap-back back cause i do not cap

I ain't get no presents for christmas but i'm like f**k that

Shot up to Milwaukee for a minute had to buck that

I just really want a bad b**ch with a fat a**

I ain't talkin' pounds but i think that i need tons of cash

Punch line sh** you is not my kin


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