SRCH. huey – Still Zenn Outro
Genre Rap

Still Zenn Outro

Feat. Preskiribed



Still Zenned
I ain't never had change
I rap and trap
Just to show you my range
My niggah it's strange
They thought I was nicholas
No I will not be in cages
But I'll on stages
I might disappear for some time
But I'm just tryna master my craft
And I'm tryna go hot Degrees
While I get degrees
And then orchestrate
With no stres
Just steeze

And you might compete
But y'all ain't like me
And you compliment
But you don't like me
I will not accept defeat
Until dementia
Has me going crazy
Did I mention

Insane in the membrane
Just to keep sanе
All these niggahs tryna play with Huey
Told thеm keep praying
Been saying
Niggahs keep hating
When you keep slaying
Off with your head
John Snow
But I keep playing
In the membrane
Keep saying
Gotta keep sane
Just to keep saying
Been sane
What I've been saying
Going Super Saijn
Skip days when my mood sways
O.G but I go G
Like I'm Max Payne


Woah Woah
How a niggah do that?
All I do is big faxxx
And these niggahs big cap
Kizza cap
And i ain't really with that
Little niggah
Is whack
How they taking my raps
And these niggahs get touched
When I'm spitting these faxxx
Didn't wanna do it
But these niggahs had to doubt me
So I'm going automatic
When I'm aiming at the rival
Niggahs said I couldn't do it
And I just didn't believe
Someone had to be wrong
Man it couldn't be me


Take a pause
And then make deposits
Then purple haze
Have a niggah awesome
I must be Austin
I got the Powers
When ZENN drops
It's September showers
And the movie of huey
Don't need auditions
Cause I'm really that niggah
Ain't no rendition
You divide all your problems
Attracting stress
And multiply by the Henny
With no addition

And I'm sad boy highs
With trap boy vibes
I pull up unexpected
Like an aerial high
I got A.S.A.P FERG level confidence
The note pad is my confidant


I've never liked the sky
It was as if people sat there
To watch a blank canvas
Never understoood The colors
Cascading into the next
With the occasional cloud




I had to switch on niggahs
Cause i wasn't tryna get predictable
And I know if I settled for 9-5
Then my niggah I might just die miserable
If the rap game stays the same
I might college dropout and go insane
But that's not even up for debate
My entire existence
Is saving the whole human race
Nigga this isn't a race
Top two
But I'm not two
And I don't like clone who's who

Clear to see
Is clarity
I pave Elaine
And have 'em asking who is he?

Real dust
How a niggah from the dirt
Been there, done that, got the shirt
Flowers bloom in a dark room
And nowadays
I ain't singing to the right tune
Dark shades
Big rims
And jewellery
And Mr. SRCH. huey
All of this new to me
Yuh, all of this new to me
And Mr. SRCH. huey
All of this new to me yuh


The sky seems to be painted with your smile
And the words ''I Love You''
Tattooed to my eyelids
Cause that's all I see
That's all I know
When you do as little
As to breath around me
You make my heart beat

I find out that there is space
For a passion spent in the depths
Of thought and silky smooth reoccurrences that come over me
Like the sound of your voice on a Monday morning
Or a Tuesday afternoon
Maybe on a anytime, everyday
There aren't enough pages to express
All the words you make me want to say

But wait I was talking about the sky
The sky, envies me
Because all it can do is hover above
When I'm right next to you feeling this love
I hope your yesterday remembers me tomorrow
All the pain and pounds of sorrow
I hope it all disappears
I hope the sun misses the moon
I hope this love doesn't leave too soon
I pray this song is left on loop, so I can relive our moments
Over and over and over
Over and over and over

SRCH. huey


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