SRCH. huey – She is Zenn
Genre Rap

She is Zenn


She said
Niggah look, like your zodiac
It don't match with mine
But that's fine

She said
Chamomile Tea
And add a lime please
I told the waitress
I'm fine

She said
LIke your aura
I really dig it
But please do not feed me lies


Now I'm in Mabonengn this lil' cafe
And I really don't know what to say
Not because I don't have conversation
But cause I can tell that it's really a vibe
And like Huey is usually so optimistic
But this time around he is blunt
And this shawty can tell
From the look in my eyes
That lil' Huey's about to confront
Where we going
And What we doing
And Where you leading me to?
She said
Niggah just chill
Like get the bill
Like the Ubers outside, let's dip
I said
OK shawty I'll get the bill
But I really need you to tell
Me, what's going on
Cause I'm kinda lost
And I don't remember your name

She said
Let's play a game
These are her Gemini Traits
Look like she sparking a blunt
Now the Aquarius trapped

I cannot lie
I don't want pennies
I'm keeping my dime
Look at the time
Like Boca Raton, I ain't leaving this shawty
She know a pot
Address on the Uber say
Garden of Zenn
Then we pull up
She must be a fiend
Cause she sparking again
[then we pull up
She must be a fiend
Cause she sparking again]


She said
Niggah look
Like your zodiac
Is on par with mine
Now we're fine

Like I'm hella jaded
And You're hydrated
This was not a waste of my time

I said
Diddo baby
I like your garden
But I'm more inlove with your eyes

She said
We can kick it
I really like you


I'm dumb in love with this hun
Like Imma chill session
From asking ''What are we?''
I'm way too young for this love
I'm scared of losing this hun
My inner self wanna run
I really wanna sit her down
And tell her
That shawty
I am not the one
But give her some time to see it for herself
My biggest regret was letting shawty run

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