SRCH. huey – F.B.I.D.R Interlude
Genre Rap

F.B.I.D.R Interlude


Not gonna say that a niggah is done
Cause I've done what I've done
Now I'm done having fun
Done rapping thinking rappings a game
And that none of y'all niggahs gon slide in my lane
First impression wasn't serious at all
Niggahs keep talking
Keep saying its off
Bladders are bust
And they pissing me off
Whack Ass Rappers
A war is a war
And I'm ready fight
Like I'm ready to die
And I feed off the game
Like a piece of a pie
And its mugshot Huey
You bro wanna be me
A fam to cult
Isn't nothing that's greater than me
And a flower had bloomed in a dark room
Flowers that bloom in a dark room
Flowers that bloom in a dark room
And I wanna go off from the dome
Like I'm losing my mind
Tryna body a rappеr who talk outta line
Like its S.A.B Jacket
Thеy jacking it
That's one take
I took it
I'm here for the rest of this season
I'm snapping
On everything Luke Cartier
CCR Gang niggah
This is our year
CCR Gang niggah
This our year

This the revenge of a Tyrant
A wavy niggah was so cool
But got lost in the current
And currently I'm thinking numbers
That's well between
1 and a million
I'm one in a million
Revenge of the fallen
I fell and got back up
You know I got backup
That's one on another
My niggah we stack up
I played the game
And niggah left it deranged
You play the game and
Yeah you kept it the same
Is there a problem
Or miscalculation
Like maybe my algorithm isn't on
And what is the point
What is this called
I'm rapping to prove that we're more than a squad
Niggah more than a squad

And this would've been the Intro
To a tape
I woulda dropped about a year ago
But I'm back and better
Black and better
Now I'm ready for my cheddar
Picture perfect picture for perfection
Place the perfect picture for the reject
Pick the perfect person for postion
In booth I'm killing opposition

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