Squiblers – ur a wh0re
Genre Rap

​ur a wh0re

Verse 1

We try to make some plans but they always fall apart
And people say something ruins it from the very start
Moving out the city but we never made it far
So now we're just sitting here, vibing in my car
And I don't fucking care and I don't think that you do either
I don't wanna fall apart but I know that you're eager
So we'll just cuddle off with a blanket by the heater
And now you'll just run away and you'll call me a cheater

Verse 2

You'll say you never loved me anyway
But I have tons of proof that it was always just the other way
You claimed you were abused
But I've got tons bruises and some markings from a noose
Never talk to me again, I never want to be your friend
You always wanted a sense so you just went to cheat again
I never wanna see your face 'cause I just see you as a disgrace
And I don't really give a fuck anymore, so


I never wanna see you at my door
Because last time we talked, you called me a whore
And I know that's not true
But anyways, I don't give a fuck about you
I don't care about you
I don't care about you
I don't care about you

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