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Phony Rappers


How you calling me a snake but you never backed your own boy
Cuz when I bodied him while you just stood there like a fucking toy
Every time you make a point, it's the same old shit like it ain't shocking
How is this boy judging people's music but he never dropping
Tell me how you a roadman but you always be blocking
Cuz when we showed everyone your face, you instantly just dipped
Claim you don't care but you still talkin about us, hmm contradict
Stop with the gangsta shit, you ain't got a weapon equipped
MTK you make a lot threats, too bad it's more empty your music
So no point battling you cuz you too easy to kick
Cuz you talk shit on your story but you never wanna send for me
How am I clout chasing when I'm bigger, don't you see
Nothing but an internet gangster who talks behind a fucking screen
Saw those lyrics, they were dry so what does that mean?
It means he's not ready to battle me cuz he ain't cold like an ice cube
I can't believe that you let a soft asian in your fucking group
But at the same I can't blame ya cuz he's the only reason why it's getting noticed
Biske how you gonna drop a 6 minute diss with the beat outshinning you
Make fun of Cosmo's weight but you never "hevey" on the mic
This kid always continuing beef for no fucking reason
How you talk about love but your maturity was never loved by anyone
Tell these rappers that I'm a savage, just like 21
You wanna talk about the past? let's talk about it
Like how you used to spend your shitty "life" on "gacha"
You about speak about doxing but wait
Aren't you the same person who leaked Niblo's full name?
And told Myles to put Niblo's face on a fucking song
And let's not forget that you got photo's of Jade's mom and made that shit public
How you a roadmen and you tryna "school" Cosmo about collage
Especially when he's your fucking father, he has more knowledge
And who can't hit mainstream? me or you?
Cuz if anything, you're "washed up" just like "Skull"
Criticizing me for snaking while tryna get to diss my bros at the same time
Is this a gangster? can we even take this bitch seriously
You admire so many people but too bad that no one admires you
And how you gonna say I took defeat cuz when I dropped "dejected"
Literally everyone agreed that I fucking bodied you
You wanna about "Missing" but you missing the fact that I carried you on that fucking song
Talk about management but you can't even manage your emotions
And I get more than views you even with no promotions
And when you cheated on a by girl, you went and cried about it on Instagram
False strikes are 10 times more false than your fucking audience
And the saddest thing is you tried to strike a song that we both own
You a bitch, always bias to yourself in your own healthbars
44DISTRKT don't got any "bars", them bitches only got "health"
Talk about contradiction but in the next comment you said that you will ignore me
But you still dropping more diss tracks on me like I don't fucking get it
You ain't a challenge to me, you're just "free smoke"
And MTK, tell why do you look like Biske's long lost cosuin?
Biske you so fucking stupid, tryna drop a bait diss this late
Just some angry little kid dissing cuz he can't get his own way
44DISTRKT tell me who the fuck are they
A whole label of people that don't even wanna spary
If we can't handle criticism then explain what the fuck is this?
You went from being a cringy little kid to pretending to be a gangster
Like wow, what a fucking great change
You wanna be like Goat but you move like a baby
Dissing me for memes but you did the same thing in your fucking track
And we can't even make jokes in your servers cuz apparently it's toxicity
And you got half of your dirt Baby Goat and Exi
This kid was running outta ammo so Myles had to give him a fucking bar
I can't believe this bitch was handing out with a fucking racist
MTK that snippet was so fucking shit, just face it
Like why you said was that we should be in a pack
You was never hot, fire shit is what you always lack
Biske you admitted to stealing flows so why even ask that question
And You got Exi's bias ass gassing you so just fucking sit
But just like his group, yours is dead and can't make a hit
And why you even talking? you're one of the 90% of anime kids who always does creepy shit


Like for real bro

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