SpooksRaps – Helpless (Biske Diss)
Genre Rap, Youtube

Helpless (Biske Diss)

Verse 1

Alright so man wanna write a diss, so I'm writing back for you
But all you did was repeat bars, so nothing new in your slew
Now you're online manipulating cuz you've never been true
So fuck you and fuck your family and fuck your crew
Rhyming mad with sad, that's cheap like your talk so go on
Poor beat choice? you chose a grime beat that you strugged to flow on
You think I care if I lost to Goat, at least I stood a chance
Cuz if you ever dissed him, you wouldn't even last a fucking round
Criticize for striking then you false striked "Missing" you fucking hypocrite
You can make 20 disses but know you ain't winning it
Reused bars and I'm still winning, guess I'm better than
And what kind of bitch writes a diss and admit that their father beats them
Like that's the stupidest shit and he's thinking why he hasn't won
After this beef ends, we gonna forget about your name like you was Jay Kwon
All you do is talk shit behind a screen and you really think that you a chief
Instead of making 20 diss tracks, why don't you try and resolve the beef?
You on the internet tryna act bad while spreading some sob story
Like shut the fuck up, we don't give a damn what you've been through
Dissing my voice but you sound soft even when you try to sound angry
And I'm the one reason why you're still relevant, so fucking thank me
Welcome to society, but you never go outside and socialize
You spend all your time beefing like you don't have a social life
I make disses to make a point, you make disses cuz you're thirsty for a win
To the where point you tried to get everyone involved in the beef


Tried dragging Myles in the beef, he said "no, fuck off"
Tried dragging his group in the beef, they said "no, fuck off"
Tried dragging Bliz in the beef, he said "no, fuck off"
And the funny part is he immediately cut ties with you

Verse 2

Grime, Drill, Dubstep, that's not where he belongs
Our shit's "trash" but when we weren't beefing, you were liking our songs
You even made a beat for me to rap on so you've always been a fan of us
Even when you, Cosmo, and Niblo barely discuss
Always yelling my name like can you just get off of my page
Stop posting about your mom cause no one gives a fuck about her age
That bitch is old like everything you spit on every fucking track
Dissing my group but all you said was that their gay, like that shit was wack

And your group has been dead for months
Seems like none of them will ever put shit out
So please stop tryna throw some shade at my fucking group

Verse 3

Nothing but a "dejected" loser, begging for attention
That's why you dissed WhiteBoyEm, hoping to get a mention
"War Riddim" was "Depressed" but with a extension
You're just a fucking weirdo, probably lives in a whole another dimension
Come on, let's be real Ziyi Chen, no one fucking likes yo ass
Even all your friends think that you're so damn fucking petty
You're not Skepta, you ain't gonna draw for no damn machete
Stop tryna diss me cuz I told you, I've won this shit already
You're stupid, it's almost like you have no fucking brain
"Crying" cuz fake gangstas like you get left in the "rain"
Claim that he the "sun" none of his recent shit has ever been "hot"
And tryna beef with NMC on your own, you know it's a lot
No one cares about Soul he's "living in a room with a death"
He ain't a challenge to me, I killed that guy with only 16 bars
Never gonna be in the "spotlight", he ain't gonna be one of them "stars"
His style is so basic and he really thinks that he's "OP"
Every time I mention Biske, everyone is like "who is him?"
Biske you copy from grime arists cuz you wanan sound like them
What you gonna do when all your friends leave you? talk to a brick wall?
Dissing me, I made him and his entire group fall
So many great songs till Biske comes in and ruins with a shitty cover
You make so many disses that no one is gonna discover
Remember when we we're in a call you said you couldn't be in it for long
Cuz you didn't want your father to find out that you were in a call?
Man I got shit to do, I got other plans
Talk about Retro's fanbase but you never had a "base" of "fans"
Say my team is filled wuss but when we're in a group chat you just fucking flee
And you got merked by Niblo's alt account and you wanna come at me
And how does it feel that you got bodied by me again?
So I guess that this kid is really a fucking loser

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