Spire of Lazarus – Warrior Within
Genre Rock

Warrior Within

Born from the agony
My blood buried beneath me
Forced to watch the slaughter
And their helpless whaling
Now that I have a fixated purpose
All that you fear, I will bring to light
As if time stripped me of memory
My insides boil from the fear
My sacrifice stains the sand like glass

I crawled miles through
Shards of splintering awakening
Now the loss has brought me to you
Now I would let the darker side take control of what is left of my pride
I'm gonna make you beg and plead for your life
And you’ll watch mе reclaim the skin from the back of your wifе

Let the children witness their fathers demise For I control their future
With smoke in their eyes
With smoke in their eyes, just like mine

In a vexing sun
And in the seamless moonlight
I can still hear their fleeting voices
Call to me again

Even with my severed limbs, I refuse
Blackened blood beneath my nails
The violence ensues
All because, you got what you wanted
But I still won
I still won

Through the liberation all that I could see is their children burning
Weeping fragile tears of their families
All in the name of my kin
I would stop at nothing just to be the fucking
Breaking in the ground
Then you'll finally notice that no exit can be found, such a shame
Now you bend to my name
Call me king

In a vexing sun
And in the seamless moon light
I can still hear their fleeting voices
Call to me again

Though the sands would crystallize like glass in my eyes
The siege still ensues and there's no where to hide
Extermination like eye for an eye
Just like you tried to erase my bloodline

All the while I still would fantasize about it
Until I chew through the skin of my vendetta

And I won’t succumb

I can still smell my family's blood
And I'll never see them again
They're dead
I'll never see them again
Until the end of time

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